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Product Code: SONIDEL STK10

Desc:Ultrasound Transfection Positive Control
Applic:Sonoporation Transfection Kit

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Product Code: CUY280P

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SONIDEL SP100 Sonoporator


Sonoporation Platform


SONIDEL SP100® – Optimised for enhanced ultrasound-mediated gene transfer

  • In Vitro, In Vivo, Ex Vivo, In Ovo transfection / nucleic acid transfer
  • Optimised pre-set ultrasound output programs for use with SONIDEL STK10® Transfection Kit and SONIDEL MB101® Microbubble
  • Precision engineered in Europe
  • User friendly
  • Self-contained robust ultrasound head
  • Ultrasound head compatible with direct insertion into tissue culture medium
  • A genuine cost break-through device
  • CE marked
  • Electrical and ultrasound safety comply fully with IEC safety standards


SONIDEL SP100® with SONIDEL STK10® Kit (including SONIDEL MB101® Microbubble) Photographic Results

Plasmid DNA – pCMV-Luc

Minicircle DNA – MC07.CMV-luc

Plus MB101 No MB101 Plus MB101 No MB101
.Larger Image

Larger Image
Luciferase Expression using MB101 In Vivo (pCMV-luc and MC07.CMV-luc)

Adherent Cells in Opticell ®

.Larger Image


Output Frequency

Output frequency is fixed at precisely 1 MHz for optimised and reproducible penetration of ultrasound through tissue culture vessels and tissue-based targets.

Ultrasound Power/Density Options

Ultrasound power density/intensity options between 0 and 5 W/cm2 with adjustments of 0.1 W/cm2.

Duty Cycle Range

A wide range of duty cycles ranging from 5 – 100% in 5% increments and emitting at a pulse frequency of 100 Hz.

Automated Treatment Control Time

Automated control of treatment time that may be adjusted in seconds up to a treatment time of 90 seconds and thereafter in minutes up to a treatment time of 60 minutes.

Water-sealed Ultrasound head

The ultrasound head is water-sealed and compatible with operational immersion in liquid.

Pre-programmed Treatment Parameters

Supplied with 10 Operating Programs, 5 of which are pre-programmed to the appropriate treatment parameters to achieve optimal ultrasound-mediated transfection with the SONIDEL STK® 10 Positive Control Transfection Kit.   The other 5 programs may be adjusted to the specific conditions chosen by the operator

Ultrasound Dosage Feedback Control

The ultrasound head is equipped with a feedback control that automatically switches off the timer if contact with the target and transmission of ultrasound to the target is compromised.  In this case the timer countdown mechanism will cease at the precise time contact was compromised and an audible alarm will sound.

Custom Features Available

Custom features may be supplied on demand.



Frequency: Continuous and pulsed ultrasound at an optimally pre-set precise frequency of 1 MHz.
Display: Intensity in W/cm² (SATP*)
Contact control threshold: 65 %
Treatment time display and control buttons: 0 – 90 seconds and then switches to minutes (2-60), coupled to contact control.  For enhanced operator control and feedback, the time display will stop counting down if adequate acoustic ultrasound contact with the target is compromised.  This allows the operator to identify the precise time to which the target was exposed to ultrasound in the event of a failure in contact between the ultrasound head and the target
Ultrasound, continuous:

Pulse frequency / duty cycle

Power density/intensity (Output)


100 Hz / 100 %

0 – 5 W/cm², adjustable in 0.1 Wcm2 increments

Ultrasound, pulsed:

Pulse frequency / duty cycle

Power density/intensity (Output)


100 Hz / 5-100 % in 5% increments

0 – 5 W/cm2, adjustable in 0.1 Wcm2 increments

Treatment head:1 MHz, Standard Geometric surface area 1.5cm², Diameter 1.38cm, ERA** 0.8cm², BNR*** max. 6 type collimating, side panel radiation max. 10 mW/cm²
Mains adapter:

Mains voltage


Max, Power consumption


100 – 240 Volt

50/60 Hz

40 VA

Safety class: *II according to IEC 60601-1
Dimensions: 220 x 200 x 195 mm
Weight: 1.7 kg
CE marking: ****
Safety standards: IEC 60601-1 and IEC 60601-2-5
Environment conditions for Transport and Storage:

Environment temperature

Relative humidity

Atmospheric pressure


-10° till +50° C

10 till 100 %

500 till 1060 hPa

Environment conditions normal use:

Environment temperature

Relative humidity

Atmospheric pressure


10° till 40° C

10 till 90 % (non condensing)

500 till 1060 hPa






SATP   =  Spatial Average Temporal Peak (average pulse power)

ERA    =  Effective Radiating Area, this is the effective radiating area of the treatment head

BNR    = Beam Nonuniformity Ratio, indicates the ratio between the peaks and the average value of the intensity in the sound beam. A low BNR excludes high, unwanted energy concentrations

Safety class II (double insulated)

According to European requirement 93/42 EEC


SONIDEL MB101® Microbubble

Optimised for enhanced ultrasound-mediated gene transfer

  • Polymer-stabilized, lipid-based microbubble
  • Neutral surface charge and PEGylated for reduced non-specific binding
  • Sterile, liquid preparation
  • Ready to use with no requirement for specialised mixing devices
  • Stable for 6 months at 40C
  • Optimized for use with the SONIDEL SP100 sonoporator
  • Designed specifically for ultrasound-mediated gene transfection / Nucleic Acid Transfer using in vivo and in vitro target systems
  • Non-invasive stimulation of gene transfer
  • Efficient gene/nucleic acid transfer
  • In vivo and in vitro applications
  • Compatible for use with plasmids and minicircle DNA
  • Minimal impact on cell/tissue viability
  • Supplied as part of the SONIDEL STK10 ultrasound transfection kit or as individual pack

SONIDEL SP100 Sonoporator

In Vivo

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