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NP60R-UBM Ultrasonic Biomicroscope for small animals


Ultrasonic BioMicroscope

Ultrasound Imaging for Small Animal Research




The Ultrasonic High Resolution BioMicroscope NP60R-UBM is an easy-to-use, non-invasive system designed specifically for medical researchers to view in real-time the living organs and tissues of SMALL ANIMALS

High Resolution

NP60R-UBM is a high resolution device, enabling in vivo visualization of the physiological structure of small animals. Utilizing a 50MHz transducer, the lateral and axial resolutions are 100 microns and 60 microns


B-mode ultrasound scanning constructs an accurate and reliable 2-D image of anatomical structures


Built on the industry standard Windows XP operating systems, the NP60R-UBM provides exceptional platform stability and ease of use as well as full network capabilities to transfer and save patient images and videos


Four probe choices, single degree control of sweep angle and the easiest to use water bath probe in the industry, combine to provide the power and flexibility to visualise precisely what at working laboratory needs. From full sulcus-to-sulcus measurements to detailed anatomy of the posterior chamber, the NP60R-UBM provides the clarity of image and high resolution output demanded by publication active researchers.


Four high frequency transducers are available: 12.5MHz, 20MHz, 35MHz and 50MHz. In addition, a water bath probe is available for the 35MHz and 50MHz transducers.  This provides the researcher with the added flexibly to change the depth of the field (by replacing the stand-off).

Display Functions

Dual Calipers
Angle Measurement
Area Measurement
Area Zoom

Image Capture

JPG Photo Format
AVI Movie Format

NP60R-UBM Research fields

Developmental Biology



Pharmaceutical Development

Geonomic Research



Veterinary Ophthalmic Diagnostics


50MHz Eye and Skin 20MHz Mouse Embryo Counting, Heart
Mouse Embryo Brain
35MHz Mouse Embryo Brain, Heart, Stomach, Bladder 12.5MHz Vein


Main Celeron 2GHz CPU or Greater
256MB System Memory
Windows XP Professional
Storage 80GB IDE Hard Drive
DVD CD-R/W Drive
Ports 6 x USB Ports (2 front, 4 rear), Parallel Port (DB-25), 10/100 Ethernet Port (RJ-45)
SVGA Video Monitor Output (DB-15), Mouse Port (PS/2), Serial Port (DB-9)
Other 17-inch LCD Monitor (1280 x 1024 pixels), Keyboard/Trackball Combo, Three-button Footswitch
Power 110/220V 50/60Hz
Dimensions 200W x 270H x 320D mm

B-Mode Specifications

Transducer Frequencies 50MHz Measurement Types Distance 1, Distance 2
Angle, and Area
20MHz Grey Scale 256
12.5MHz Images Grey levels and colors
Gain 35 to 105 dB Image Capture Rate 15 fps (Maximum)
TGC 0 to -30 dB (Software) Video Recording AVI format
View Zone 30mm to 60mm Image Exporting JPG, AVI, Raw data file
Vector Density and Sampling 256 vectors x 2048 points/vector
Database Dimensions 500Kb per image (0.5MB per test)
A/B Scan Capability A-Scan representation available as over lay on B-mode images
Velocity Adjustable to tissue or material being imaged


Frequency 50MHz 35MHz 20MHz 12.5MHz
Focus 12mm 12mm 21mm 17mm
Depth of field 11.5mm-13mm 11.5mm-13mm 15mm-35mm 12mm-30mm
Axial resolution 60m 85m 200m 290m
Lateral resolution 100m 100m 400m 550m
Maximum Scan Angle 30 60


NP60R-UBM – Ultrasonic BioMicroscope

NP60R-PWP – Water bath probe

NP60R-T50 – 50MHz transducer for water path probe

NP60R-T35 – 35MHz transducer for water path probe

NP60R-P20 – Probe with 20MHz transducer

NP60R-P12.5 – Probe with 12.5MHz transducer

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