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LTM-1000 : Laser Thermal Microinjector

LTM-1000 : Laser Thermal Microinjector

LTM 1000

The unique micro-injector capable of PLANT CELL injection.

Compatible with glass micropipettes with 0.1μm tip

NOT available for sale in the USA, UK, Germany, France and Switzerland

LTM-1000 Introduction Video Digest Version


Click on image to watch on YouTube

LTM-1000 Powerpoint Presentation

Click here for Application Note and Further Information


  • Capable of producing high ejection pressures (+/- 1MPa per 1℃)
  • Targets individual cell components
  • Dramatically reduces cell death
  • Multiple injections without clogging
  • Rapid and convenient set-up & operation

Stereoscope Microinjection Set-Up
Using LTM-1000


Microinject Materials: DNA, RNA, Protein, etc.

Capillary Tip Sizes: 0.1μm or larger

Targets: Plant Cells, Fungal Cells, Mammalian Cells, Organelles

Injection into moss cells Stereoscope Microinjection Set-Up
Using LTM-1000
Laser Emission Wavelength 980nm
Laser Drive System ACC, Max. 2.5A, Continuously-Variable
Optical Output 1.3W
Dimensions 170W x 325D x 120H mm
Weight 4.1kg (includes laser head)
Power 100V- 240V, 50/60Hz

Number of injection into Plant Cells with a single capillary

Injection into the female gametophyte of plant

Conventional Method(A) LTM-1000(B) Size Difference in Capillary Tips Damaged cell using conventional method pictured on Left (A),  No damage using LTM-1000 pictured on Right (B).

Injection of siRNA into the naked female gametophyte of Torenia

Injection of plasmids into a nucleus of onion epidermal cells

Injection of antibody into plant cells

Injection into Budding Yeasts

Injection into Chloroplasts of Cyanidioschyzon merolae


Above information provided by: Dr. Tetsuya Higashiyama, Division of Biological Science, Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University


“Laser-assisted Thermal-expansion Microinjection”
Patent Application Number (2004) 361448

Heat-induced expansion of liquid in a sealed capillary generates high pressure, which enables injection by capillaries with the tip diameter around 0.1m (Knoblauch et al., Nature Biotech., 1999).
As the heat source, we chose a laser beam which enabled us to directly heat hydrophobic liquid containing laser absorber through the capillary glass and to precisely control the injection flow.

*Please be aware that LTM-1000 can not be used for Arecaceae family due to the patent license.

LTM-1000 – Laser Thermal Microinjector

SW-25 – Hydrophobic ionic liquid, 1.5ml

WF-25 – Laser beam absorbent, 1.5ml

LTM-LH – Micropipette holder

We are pleased to announce that reference of the LTM-1000, Laser Thermal Microinjector, was published in Nature.(Nature, Volume 458, Number 7236, Pages 357-361, 19 March 2009)
Defensin-like polypeptide LUREs are pollen tube attractants secreted from synergid cells
It made the front cover of the Nature!

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