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Product Code: SONIDEL SP100

Applic:(hover for application)Application:
  • Delivery of plasmids to cells and tissues for gene therapy-based applications and studies.
  • Delivery of nucleic acids such as siRNA, RNAi etc. to cells and tissues for studies on control of gene expression/gene therapy.
  • Delivery of cancer chemotherapeutic agents to impermeable target cells/tissues.
  • Delivery of agents to cells to study metabolic effects.

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Product Code: CUY520P2

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Cultured Neurons – Sonoporation

Protocol Recommendation:

SONIDEL Limited recommends the:

SONIDEL SP100 Sonoporator and

SONIDEL STK10® Transfection Kit

Kindly note the suggested publications, the first two are generic articles on sonoporation and the final article specifically deals with the sonoporation of Cultured Neurons:

–  ‘Key factors that affect sonoporation efficiency in in vitro settings – the importance of standing wave in sonoporation’

Download Article

–  ‘Review: Gene therapy progress and prospects – ultrasound for gene transfer’

Download Article

–  ‘Ultrasound-Mediated Gene Transfer into Neuronal Cells’

Download Article

The article titled ‘Ultrasound-Mediated Gene Transfer into Neuronal Cells’ demonstrates that sonoporation is an effective means of gene transfer for cultured neurons, a cell type that has been difficult to transfect. Neuronal cell types that are effectively sonoporated include:

–  Chick Retinal Neurons

–  Chick Dorsal Forebrain

–  Chick Optic Tectum

–  PC12 Cells

–  Rat Cerebellar Neurons, and

–  Mouse Hippocampal Neurons

Depending on the type of cell and conditions of sonoporation the transfection efficacy is reported as high as 20%. Sonoporation of plasmid DNA was effective for cells adherent to a substrate and for free-floating cells that were freshly dissociated. In the free-floating preparations, between 60 and 95% of the cells that were transfected were neuronal, as much as 90% higher than that observed for other methods of gene transfer including adenovirus and lipid-based transfection methods. The article concludes that sonoporation is a simple, effective and inexpensive means by which to preferentially transfect DNA into neuronal cells.

For your further information, the SP100 sonoporator was officially launched at ESCGT 2007. It is a low cost device and has been designed to deliver reproducible results. It has 5 pre-programmed settings optimised for successful sonoporation (only achievable using the SONIDEL SP100). The SP100 has also been optimised for the SONIDEL STK10 Transfection Kit.

The SONIDEL STK10® Transfection Kit is a (world’s first) positive control kit for ultrasound mediated transfection (sonoporation) in vitro and in vivo. Moreover, the kit offers a reproducible methodology for guaranteed successful sonoporation. The kit includes:

–  kit manual – detailing several novel setup configurations optimised for successful sonoporation (developed in the SONIDEL laboratories)

–  cell culture vessel for suggested configurations

–  ultrasound absorbing pad and

–  optimised microbubble preparation

We believe that sonoporation is the next ‘big thing’ research wise – non invasive, capable of reaching deep sites, good safety record in medicine, non-destructive, etc, etc.. From the researchers point of view, because it is still relatively novel, it also offers excellent publication possibility.

The reason we developed the SONIDEL SP100 is to make the field easily affordable and accessible to the researcher. We also had to be sure that our device guarantees reproducibility and the appropriate level of required control as this is something our clients have said other commercially available sonoporators lack. We also process a strong background in the field and are prepared to work with our clients and assist with advice where and when needed.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact

SONIDEL Limited specialises in the supply of sonoporation and electroporation equipment and accessories to the international medical research community. We also have a particularly strong R&D interest in the provision of ultrasound solutions for Gene Therapy and Drug Delivery applications. To this end, we have developed various ultrasound (sonoporation) proprietary technologies and related patents and have now launched the World’s First cost-breakthrough high performance sonoporator, the SONIDEL SP100.

This device has been specifically designed for the medical research community as a low cost unit to facilitate the use and uptake of ultrasound as a viable research methodology. Using continuous and pulsed ultrasound it is possible to achieve transient membrane permeabilisation for applications such as:

o  Delivery of plasmids to cells and tissues for gene therapy-based applications and studies.

o  Delivery of nucleic acids such as siRNA, RNAi etc. to cells and tissues for studies on control of gene expression/gene therapy.

o  Delivery of cancer chemotherapeutic agents to impermeable target cells/tissues.

o  Delivery of agents to cells to study metabolic effects

Unlike other commercially produced sonoporation devices, the SONIDEL SP100:

o  is precision engineered to the highest standards

o  meets all relevant EU IEC standards for electrical and ultrasound safety

o  is a genuine low cost-breakthrough device

o  incorporates a consistent measurement capability that guarantees reproducible output from one device to the next and experimental results

As ultrasound does not travel very efficiently through air adequate contact with the ultrasound head is essential. Any compromise in this contact leads to a compromise in the dose of ultrasound delivered to the target. During treatment the SONIDEL SP100 constantly checks contact with the target. As soon as the acoustic contact is poor the operator is warned by means of an audio signal, the intensity will be reduced automatically and the treatment timer will stop. This ensures that the target receives the pre-determined dose of ultrasound and provides a warning to the operator if delivery of this dose is compromised by inadequate contact with the target.

o  The contact control in combination with an excellent beam characteristics, ensure that the SONIDEL SP100 is the highest quality ultrasound device currently on the market for the applications indicated above.

o  The contact control also prevents any undue heating resulting from a failed contact with the target and allows the operator to more reliably determine whether or not the target has been treated.

To compliment the additional measurement control afforded by the SONIDEL SP100, we developed the World’s First positive control kit for ultrasound-mediated transfection, the SONIDEL STK10® Transfection Kit. The SONIDEL SP100 sonoporator has been specifically calibrated to optimise it for use with the SONIDEL STK10® Transfection Kit.

If you would like further information on how best to incorporate ultrasound solutions and methodologies into your particular research applications, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at:


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