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SONIDEL SP100 and KTAC4000
Electro Cell Fusion
LF101 and LF201

Featured Device

Product Code: SONIDEL SP100

Applic:(hover for application)Application:
  • Delivery of plasmids to cells and tissues for gene therapy-based applications and studies.
  • Delivery of nucleic acids such as siRNA, RNAi etc. to cells and tissues for studies on control of gene expression/gene therapy.
  • Delivery of cancer chemotherapeutic agents to impermeable target cells/tissues.
  • Delivery of agents to cells to study metabolic effects.

Featured Electrode

Product Code: CUY5100Ti150

Electrodes for Electro Cell Fusion
Titanium chopstick needle electrode, 150μmφ, 5mm tip length, 2/pkg

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Cultured Mouse Embryos and Large Tissue

Cultured Mouse and Rat Embryo and Large Tissue EP

Whole Mammalian Embryo EP:
There is a choice of two different electrodes:
–    CUY520P20 and
–    CUY650P7
(Click on links to view a technical drawing of the electrodes or similar electrodes in the series)

Please note the following article which explains the appropriate Methodology:
–    Electroporation into Cultured Mammalian Embryos
–    Methodology Summarised

Applicable Stages for Whole-Embryo Culture









Rat Stages









Mouse Stages

The volume of a bath can be changed by placing a small bath made of agarose gel in the bath.
Please refer to the Application Note: ‘Method to introduce genes into epithelial cells of the chicken embryonic stomach (proventriculus)’.

Embryonic Tissues (Kidney and Lung)
Result form client lab. for Embryonic Tissues (Kidney and Lung) using our CUY520P5 electrode (technical drawing).

 NEPA21 – Ex Vivo Publications
Acute Inhibition of PI3K-PDK1-Akt Pathway Potentiates Insulin Secretion through Upregulation of Newcomer Granule Fusions in Pancreatic β-Cells
Cortical excitatory neurons become protected from cell division during neurogenesis in an Rb family-dependent manner
Electroporation-mediated gene transfer system applied to cultured CNS neurons
Imaging of Insulin Exocytosis from Pancreatic Beta Cells
– In vivo ex vivo retina – ‘Chapter 19:Analysis of Gene Function in the Reina
PSD95β regulates plasma membrane Ca(2+) pump localization at the photoreceptor synapse
The Caudal Migratory Stream, The Caudal Migratory Stream: A Novel Migratory Stream ofInterneurons Derived from the Caudal Ganglionic Eminence in the Developing Mouse Forebrain


Small Tissue:
Electrode Recommendations:
–           CUY700 series and
–           CUY701 series
For smaller tissue of less than 0.5mm, we do not recommend the CUY520 series. The reason for this is practical; most clients want to minimize the required volume of DNA as much as possible and do not want to waste DNA.  For such applications we believe that the electroporation methods described in:
–  Electroporation-mediated gene transfer system applied to cultured CNS neurons
–  Early subdivisions in the neural plate define distinct comptence for inductive signals
are appropriate, that is, placing an electrode on the top of a tissue which is on another electrode.  A number of electrode option recommendations are appropriate:

Electrode Option 1:

–           CUY700P2E and CUY700P1L or CUY195P0.5

Electrode Option 2:

–          CUY700P2E and CUY614 with CUY615, one CUY613P1 or CUY611P3-1


See also Mouse and Rat Tissue/Brain Slice Recommendations

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