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  • Delivery of plasmids to cells and tissues for gene therapy-based applications and studies.
  • Delivery of nucleic acids such as siRNA, RNAi etc. to cells and tissues for studies on control of gene expression/gene therapy.
  • Delivery of cancer chemotherapeutic agents to impermeable target cells/tissues.
  • Delivery of agents to cells to study metabolic effects.

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Platinum wire electrodes on petridish, 0.5mm gap

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Adult Mouse and Rat (In vivo) – Liver

In Vivo and Ex Vivo – Rat and Mouse

In Vivo Liver EP
For Adult Mouse and Rat
Please see below for a full list of relevant NEPA21 publications.
For the best methodology and set-up preparation, we recommend the paper:
Adjuvant gemcitabine therapy improves survival in a locally induced, R0-resectable model of metastatic intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma
The electrode we recommend is our CUY650P5 electrode.
You will note that the EP Conditions recommended in this paper are single-pulse parameters (as the researchers used our old CUY21SC system).
Our NEPA21 parameters are multipulse.  If you have the NEPA21 system, please contact us ( for a set of EP parameters.  If you do not have a NEPA21 system, please contact us for a demonstration.

While it is not necessary for successful electroporation, one might improve Transfection Efficiency by Clamping the lobes.  We have clients who have clamped lobes and obtained good results.
However, clamping is not an easy procedure.  But if the expertise is available in your lab., we recommend clamping.

CUY650P5 CUY650P10
Photo CUY650P5 Photo CUY650P10


Mouse and Rat – In Vivo Liver Publications, Protocols and electrode recommendations





P on P off

No of Pulses

Mouse/Rat in vivo Liver Gürlevik E et al.Adjuvant gemcitabine therapy improves survival in  a locally induced, R0-resectable model  of metastatic intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma.Hepatology. 2013  Sep;58(3):1031-41. CUY650P5 Ask Us Ask Us Ask Us Ask Us
Zang  et al.Inhibition  of  nuclear  delivery  of  plasmid  DNA  and  transcription  by  interferon   γ: hurdles to be overcome for sustained gene  therapy.Gene  Ther. 2011  Sep;18(9):891-7. doi: 10.1038/gt.2011.35. Epub 2011  Mar 31. CUY650P10 Ask Us Ask Us Ask Us Ask Us
Kiyama S et al.Reduction  of  fibrosis in  a rat model   of  non-alcoholic  steatohepatitis  cirrhosis by human HGF  gene  transfection using electroporation.J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2008 Aug;23(8 Pt 2):e471-6. CUY650P10 Ask Us Ask Us Ask Us Ask Us
Nakagawa et al. Deubiquitylation of histone H2A activates transcriptional initiation via trans-histone cross-talk with H3K4  di- and trimethylation Genes & Development, Volume 22, Issue 1, Pages 37-49,  1 January 2008 CUY650P series Ask Us Ask Us Ask Us Ask Us
Kawano T et al. Stabilizing of plasmid DNA in vivo by PEG-modified cationic gold  nanoparticles and the  gene  expression assisted with electrical pulsesJ Control Release. 2006 Apr 10;111(3):382-9. CUY650P5 Ask Us Ask Us Ask Us Ask Us
Sakai et al. Hepatocyte-targeted gene  transfer  by  combination of vascularly delivered plasmidDNA and in vivo electroporationGene  Therapy, Volume 12, Issue 7, Pages 607-616, April 2005 CUY650P10 Ask Us Ask Us Ask Us Ask Us
MouseLiver,      Kidney,Spleen, Skin andMuscle Thanaketpaisarn et al., Tissue-Specific Characteristics  of  in  Vivo  Electric  Gene:   Transfer by  Tissue  andIntravenous Injection of Plasmid DNAPharmaceutical  Research, Volume 22, Number 6, Pages 883-891, June 2005 CUY650P5 Ask Us Ask Us Ask Us Ask Us
Mice/Rats in vivo Muscle Xue Hepatocyte growth factor gene therapy accelerates regeneration in cirrhotic mouse liver after hepatectormy Gut,  Volume 52, Number 5, Pages 694-700, May 2003 CUY650-10 Ask Us Ask Us Ask Us Ask Us
  Xue et al. Attenuated acute liver injury in mice by naked hepatocyte growth factor gene transferinto skeletal muscle with electroporationGut, Volume 50, Number 4, Pages 558-562, April 2002 CUY650-10 Ask Us Ask Us Ask Us Ask Us

Postnatal (P0) EP – Mouse Retina Ex Vivo EP
We recommend the CUY650P7 electrode.
Please note the following;
–    For Methodology: Efficient In Vivo Electroporation of the Postnatal Rodent Forebrain

Re Liver Cells
To review photographic results of experiments performed at client labs. and to appreciate the quantum of the results we guarantee. Please click on the following link to our website:
–    Images of Cells Transfected        (in Client labs.)
–    List of Cells Transfected        (in Client labs.)
For both links: After you open them:
–    Hold down the ‘Control’ key and pressing the ‘F’ key
–    This will open a search field
–    To search for result data relevant to your interest, please search under a relevant search ‘term’:
–    E.g.,  ‘liv’ (for Liver Cell data) ‘ips’ (for iPSC Cell data)
–    Type the relevant search term in the in the search field and hit the return key


Re Ex Vivo Slice EP
There are a number of application options for Slice EP:
Cuvette EP Option
–    with the CU500 Cuvette Holder and our EC-002S cuvettes
Ex Vivo electrode Options
–   CUY520P5                                           (Link to CUY520P5 photo)
–   CUY701PxE and CUY701PxL        (Link to photo: CUY701pxE and CUY701PxL configurations )
–   CUY700PxE and CUY700PxL        (Link to photo: CUY700PxE and CUY700PxL configurations)


To review sample photographic results for Ex Vivo EP, please note the following links to our website:
–          Ex Vivo Results
–          Ex vivo and In Vivo (Retina)
–          Mouse and Rat Brain Slice and Tissue Slice EP
–          Mouse and Rat Small Tissue EP
–          Cultured Mouse (Whole Embryo and Large Tissue EP
–          Embryonic Tissues (Kidney and Lungs) and Small Tissues
–          In Vivo Spinal Cord EP
–          Mouse Embryo – Retina








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